First Attempt at Pickling

4 Jul

Last summer we planted cucumbers and they did gangbusters- we had cucumbers everywhere! We were too busy to get our act together to try pickling and canning last summer but I was ready this time around.

Growing up, my parents canned and pickled all summer long. They’d can pears from our pear tree, and tomatoes from the garden. I can remember all of the jars in the basement on a metal shelf under the stairs.

Last year, I brought the canner back to Brooklyn with me, along with a load of jars. And with a load of giant cucumbers already ready to pick, I decided it was time to give things a try.

Since dills are my favorite, I tried this recipe from the excellent blog Food in Jars.

I started with six freshly picked cukes. I cut them in half and then into quarters.

fresh from the garden

Then I lined up the jars and stuffed each one with two cloves of garlic, dill seed, the sliced cucumbers and black peppercorns. The recipe also called for red pepper flakes, but we didn’t have any. Hope I didn’t f* it up!

jars in a row


I stuck a small slice of lime in half of the jars for fun (and some extra flavor).

jars are packed and ready to seal

Next I made the brine, filled the jars, closed them up and set up the canning rack. Then into the water they went!

ready to dunk

in the canner

It took forever for the water to boil in that giant canning pot!

I let them boil for ten minutes and then out they came onto a cooling rack. All six jars have already sealed!

out of the canner

Here’s hoping they taste OK.


One Response to “First Attempt at Pickling”

  1. Meridith July 5, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    YUM! I so want to try this at some point

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